Alison Romanczuk

Goldsmiths Alumni

Alison, born in 1963 lives and works in London. She is primarily a portrait photographer, having a particular interest in the human condition. Eight years ago she underwent an operation to remove a large 6kg rare cancer called liposarcoma in the fat cells around her abdomen. The tumour encircled her kidney and was attached to many vital organs. Four years ago it returned. Weeks of radiation and removal of further organs at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London is the reason she is still alive today. Alison has used her skill as a photographer not only as therapy in her recovery but also to campaign for early diagnosis and funding for rare medical conditions. This began with an awareness campaign for SarcomaUK and, most recently, working with Ogilvy Healthcare and Hamell for Boheringer Ingelheim: a campaign highlighting Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) both in the UK and abroad which resulted in an award from the Rx Club in New York. For the past four years, Alison has been documenting the lives of children who have sustained severe burns in the squatter camps of Johannesburg, South Africa. This followed a serendipitous meeting with the children on London’s Southbank two weeks before her second operation in 2014. The children attend the Children Of Fire charity based in Johannesburg and Pinner in London and regularly fundraise for surgery to enhance their day to day living.

‘I have an affinity with those who have gone through life changing experiences, both emotional and physical and this connection helps me to get closer to subjects through a joint understanding and empathetic relationship. I hope this is reflected in my work.’ Alison


In February 2016, I have two photographs on display in the Scar Stories 2016 exhibition in the MUZEUMM in Los Angeles, USA.

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